Italian flag throwers

The Group

It was founded by some enthusiastic youngster in Florence Figline Valdarno in 1965. Since 1973, after a brief period in the Calcio Storico Fiorentino (medieval football match), the group has affirmed its independence and reinforced its identity and prestige. Renowned politician have benn its honorary presidents, such as Hon. Spadolini and Hon. Pontello. The italian flag throwers group has performed with great success throughout Italy and abroad, bringing the Tuscan tradition of flag throwing from Florence all over the world. There are nmerous members including: flag-wavers, drummers, trumpeters and captains. Our group keeps alive the old military flag-waving tradition using wooden staffs crafted and plumbed by hand and the flag fabric is rigorously hand embroidered.


The Values

The performances of the italian flag throwers "Sbandieratori dei Borghi e Sestieri Fiorentini" evoke certain aspects of military life during the Middle Ages and the Humanist period, showing the charm of an ancient discipline. Harmony, Force, Commitment, Rigour are the values of this sporting art which are renewed every day as the group trains and performs with energy and enthusiasm. The performance quality and team spirit are the basis of the work added to a modern approach and the passion of its youing athletes, bringing to life the prestigious art of flag throwing from Florence throughout the world.


Flag throwing from Florence

The Performances 

The italian flag throwers group is available to perform at traditional festivals, public exhibitions (parades, historical processions, sporting and institutional events) as well as private shows (weddings, banquets, conventions, conferences, parties) in Italy and abroad. The number of members can vary according to requirements. Since its foundation, the italian folk group has taken part in celebrations of national and international importance all over the world. The "Sbandieratori dei Borghi e Sestieri Fiorentini" bring the medieval flag-waving tradition of the free "Comuni" or districts back to life. The group's name also confirms the historical bond with Florence and at the same time the independence of the surrounding Florentine boroughs.




Kaltemberg (Germania)
28-30 July 2017 Kaltemberg Ritterturnier Torneo Cavalleresco di Kaltemberg -Baviera (Germania)
Italian week
DAL 08 AL 10 September 2017 - DENVER (Colorado - USA)
DAL 19 AL 24 July 2017 - MILWAUKEE (Wisconsin - USA)

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